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2013-02-12 01:37 am

one night and one more time

guess that post entry wasn't one of the bests. 

well, it's kind of late but i finally changed the things that needed to be changed (layouts, especifically), things that bugged me (layouts), and other stuff that i dont remember (layouts).

i don't know if this will be a friends only journal, since i like my things private most of the time. since i'm here, and if there's someone reading this, i've put some icons that doesn't have any credits (for being old or that i just forgot to take the credit), so if you know who made them (or you are the one who made them) please message me so then i can put the proper credit.

i think that's it.

ok bye xoxo
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2012-10-15 09:26 pm

(no subject)

is this like livejournal
this looks a lot like livejournal
like, the creators fought with each other and one party had this awesome idea of making a website better than lj so the other dudes could suck their dicks but then it turned out to be pretty much like livejournal
im pretty sure thats how it happened